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November 13, 2007



Good on you Lu! Firstly for making a fab life choice, and secondly for prioritising life into the right order. Yes scrapping can change people for the better, but we still have to LIVE our lives out in order to scrap about them!
I doubt that anyone will begrudge you for a small holiday from blogging! CONGRATULATIONS and have a great day, enjoy it!
And we pray that other contributors life situations sort themselves out too!


Firstly congrats on the wedding! Secondly I have just discovered this site, so I will have the time to peruse the archives, lol! I love it here already!


Congrats to you Lu !! Hope you have the best day EVER !!!
we'll be missing you but heyy... you've got to make time for your own life and family too !!
All the best !!

Ruth Clarke

Hi girls,

I've dropped by to have a peak after seeing this link on Cassandra's sig on SM forum. Looks like you've got a good thing going here and some fantastic talent on the contributor level including my matey Lusi!! Jill is actually a Guest Dter for EMM this month of which I'm on the Dt for.

keep up the good work girls and if I ever find a minute spare I just might give one of your challenges a go too!

All the best for your wedding too Lu, now there will be more pics to scrap then!


ruthy x


Super cool blog here!
Only just found it, but will be sure to come back!
(good luck with the wedding!)


Hi Girls, well, i know you're all having a break, but i'll soon have to pack my things tomove house so.. i still did the challenge ... for anyone intersted to look:
Thanks for looking and LU again: Have a FANTASTIC DAY GIRL !!!

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