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Everyday Garbage Girls

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October 02, 2007



OMG !! you girls are excelling yourselves again !!!! LOVE THEM ALL !!! OK...I think i can make it to this one too !! :) will keep you posted when it's ready !!


Wowser girls I so love all of these. I am going to be searching for some of those rapid panadol packets for sure.

deb godley

holy cow! i LOVE these! Lus panadol album is the best!!!!


Hey Everyone !! Wooohooo !! i've finished mine already !!
ok, i've used ...the bobby pins, a ring (from the shower curtain), nail polish and....i stitched my photo with....dental floss !!
So if you're interested.... go and check it out in my blog and thanks for this !! i really enjoy doing this challenge girls !!



HEY wow you guys rock love your ideas that you have used, I'M just about finish with mine,thanks for the great ideas.


And mine... didn't turn out how I wanted but I had fun all the same!


Fantastic projects girls, very inspirational!

Mines a simple one this week, just had a big clean out lol



Love the layouts girls and Lu, that panadol pack is something I will be searching for now. I love what you have done with it. Cool stuff.. hope to enter this one.


just started mine. i'm pretty excited to see all the cool stuff that's going to come from this challenge!

Julie Heard

What a great challenge site!!!! Lovin all the samples - makes me itching to get into my bathroom now and see what interesting things I can find to scrap with.


Mine is done!

I have used a safety pin, a piece of my shower curtain (top left formimg flower), dental floss to stitch around the number 5, coloured hairspray to create bg, hair bands, a strip of libra box and a compression badage net thing!


Nat Mardon

They look fantastic girls!! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try something from this blog..... hehe..... I love seeing what you all do with your everyday stuff!! What an inspiration!


Hi. Thanks for the inspiration. Here's my Frankenstein creation. Or maybe Bride of Frankenstein. Hehe.


Thanks for the inspiration, ladies! =)

Tania Davey


Mines up on my blog .,. had fun with this one

Kat Browne

It took a while, but mines on my blog:


Loved this challenge, it's been great poking around for random bits and bobs to use. Keep up the great work, all!


Hi, all. Hope you saw my entry for Challenge #2. Thanks. =)


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