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Everyday Garbage Girls

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September 12, 2007


Kerry Murray

they could be used as giant buttons lol


lets see.... use them as a stamp or by themselves. cut out the different rings as accents or small circles could be used as tags with photo's or wordart inserted. paint or destress them. :0)

Kat Browne

Distress 'em with brown ink and either add strips of see through ribbon to make a flower, or just cut them to look like flowers. Or I'd paint them green and call them lily pads. Paint them black and use as vinyl record like embellishments for retro pages...

Or go crazy with a craft knife and try to make them into a spiral. There is no embellishment in mind, it'd just be fun.

Kathryn Johnson

Turn them into a funky mini album-punch a hole at the top of each and hook them on a key chain or binder ring. Embellish the crap out of 'em!


These just scream dangly earrings at me, by cutting them into lots of different sized rings :-O
if they end up too big, well a mobile...with lots of ribbons, the odd quote or photo in the big ones, I'm sure some-one could make it look absolutely fab. Don't know if I could make my vision a reality though....

Kayla MacAulay

cut out the inside and use them as circular frames on your page

Use them by themselves as circles on the page

Cut cool shapes out of them

lots of things!!


oh yeah i was gunna say make them into a mini album but its been said!!
how cute are they.
damn i need to see an ikea!!!



I think I would find a way to make a cute little mini album out of them.


I think I would find a way to make a cute little mini album out of them.


Cut them into flower shapes and use as embellishments. Definitely cut into concentric circles and use on page as frames.

Deb Godley

screams mini album to me..

Liz Weber

Oh I so need to go to Ikea - just love those coasters. Think of how they would look on a layout ;-)

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