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September 13, 2007


 Cindy Collins

OOOhh I have used these for a few different htings-- I have painted them and added letter stickers for a title and I have also use them as ribbon slides.


oh i know !! i even had a set of cards published in an australian magazine with these!!! i covered them with matching patterned paper and used them as...sort of buckle through a piece of ribbon!

Kayla MacAulay

use them as tabs

distress, ink them and then put a letter sticker on each to spell a word for a title

Kat Browne

Cut them so the cut out bit looks more like a heart, use as a charm type thing. Use them as puzzle pieces maybe...


Snip the corners by the top and create mini tags. Add rhinestone flowers, mini stickers or letters to accent a page. Am dying to see what you guys come up with for them!!!!


Add letters to them and hang them from ribbon as a title or just a word. Use them as tabs. I am thinking if you cut them right you could turn them into mini butterflies.


Use them as ribbon buckles or tags in a title

Lisa D.

I'd paint. or emboss & stamp with wee stamps while EP is still warm. Use as Alpha Tags for titling.

Deb Godley

my son likes to wear these as earrings..LOOL..but id be inclined to paint them,and fan them around(about6) to make a flower!!

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