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September 10, 2007


Deb Godley

ok..chopsticks..paint em and whack em inyour hair..or,make darn nicepage borders if you wrap string around them,paint them and whack em on your page..maybe evenstitch cardstock around them, and make an album cover out of them..dunno what I mean?..well,me either but I can see it workin in my head!!LOL..Love the idea of playing with garbage..cant wait to play!!!

Kayla MacAulay

Make a photo frame out of them, either raw or painted inked, stamped whatever!!!
Use them to hang embellishments off
use them as a base to tie lots of ribbon of and make a ribbon border


Lisa Jamerson

Oh yeah keep it out of the landfill. How about making a "scroll" page with it wrapping the edges of your paper around it. Or use it as borders. Stems as flowers or trees.


Loving the new blog girls, cant wait for the 18th!
I have always been a believer that rubbish isnt always rubbish to everyone!

Chopsticks and paper bags, do we see a mini album somewhere.... :)


I think that the chop sticks could take well to some stamping and be made into frames


Well I could see using them just as they are or paint them for a page accent. Or get a lot of them line them up and lace them together, use them as a background for a LO.


Paint them and use them on a LO, or use them in the binding of a mini album. Or make a pair of small knitting needles by sharpening then ends. Or like Deb said earlier put them in my hair!


Love the idea of looking at the everyday in a new way! Use chopsticks as a spine for a mini album - fold paper in half and make snips 1/2" apart up the spine. Now thread every other snip of paper through the chopstick and put a rubber band in front of the chopstick. Voila - unique mini album!


How about as sticks for pennants? They could be placecards, to mark the plant type in a potted plant, holiday pennants.


well, they are usually made of really soft wood so i'd cut in half (lenghtwise) to reduce the thickness, with a good craft knife, then, paint it to match paper or photo and mount it as a frame on a LO ????? no ????

Andrea Klaster

You could make a scroll as a journalling block and put a stick at the top and bottom as scrolls have.

Petrina McDonald

Well you just know that I am going to say something silly like stick em thru strawberries so you can dip the little sweeties in chocolate, don't you?
But I will also try to think of something oh so arty and intelligent to say as well.....how about using the chopsticks as paint sticks to do some cool Aboriginal-style dots?


LOL, I love all the ideas so far! Have nothing to add .....yet, but this whole challenge blog seems very cool! I'm sure gonna drop in on the 18th!!!

Kat Browne

Paint them up all pretty and make your own designer placemats. If they're the round ones, use as a rolling pin to smooth down paper.

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