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September 28, 2007



I watched this episode of "Try My Life" (was it?), a reality show where two people who knew each other, sometimes friends, family, etc. who are total opposites trade each other's lives for an entire week. The only episode I ever watched was about a psychologist mom and a grungey daughter. The mother tried out her daughter's life, which meant she'd have to act in an impromptu acting class. Their assignment was to use toilet paper and use it for something else. She wrapped it around her head and said it was a mind-calming device. You'd have to watch it to see how funny and creative it was.

Anyway, but for creating, I'd use toilet paper for stamping. But haven't tried it yet. =) I know paper towels are sturdier stuff. But am thinking maybe if you dyed tissue paper, it would make a great "skirt" on a doll or a curtain perhaps?


ouhhhh looks like we're heading into the bathroom for our next challenge are we ??? hehehe !! i'm loving this !!!
ok...actually i've seen some years ago a technique with toilet paper, i went to buy one roll ...yes i know i DO buy them but of middle quality but for stamping technique, you must use good quality one !! forgot the name of the technique...hmmm ...but you incrustrate wet one into the stamp, let it dry and..voila !! it will take the shape of the stamp !! ...right !! looks like i'd better make a LO with this so you cansee what i mean !! ;)


lol when i think of uses other than toilet i think of spit balls at school!!!
perhaps some sort of texturising thing like mixing it with mod podge for example, to make more texture to something like say a flower center??? haha oh man i have no idea.
Toilet paper???? seriously.
u girls are awesome who thinks of this stuf!!

love it!

Kathryn Johnson

Ooooh, in response to the PP, it could be awesome to mod podge paper or canvas, layer toilet paper on top to create some cool texture, and then gesso it. That could make an awesome surface to work on!

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