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September 14, 2007


Kat Browne

Ok, I've used newspaper to paper mache a piece of white cardstock for a LO before... but you could also use the cardboard on the tissue box to make thin embellishments, or use the pattern as a background, I'd probably use the juice bottle plastic to make an embellishment, or maybe a journal block, but you could do that with the coke bottle, too. Could use the coke label as a page on food/drink you can't live without... or you could use all the labels and bits of newspaper to collage as a background for a LO on your day to day life.


ok, not sure about the rest haven't tried yet, but...i'm actually having a LO considered for publication with the plastic milk bottle, i cut them in flat pieces and put them through an accu-cut machine to make flower or star shapes as embellishments (it works also with a sizzix!) !!! and that is sooo cool !!

Deb Godley

....got nothing just now...hmm.maybe transfer the print from the newspaper for a PP..???


I'd alter the kleenex box or salvage the cardboard to use as "chipboard" pieces, especially if it had some cool graphic design on the side. Would definitely cut the plastic bottle up for embellishments that I could ink or paint. The newspaper, I would again use as if it was PP paper and paint, ink and cut and crinkle the heck out of it!

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